18'' Steel-Handled Bolt Cutter

Bolt Cutter
Date of appearance: 2016
Trademark: KLEIN TOOLS
Product code: Cat. No. 63318
Weight: 1.61 kg
Materials: Handle Type - Steel
Colors: red, black
Hard Material Cutting Max. Capacities: 1/4'' (6.35 mm)

- Handles have heavy vinyl grips with flat grips ends for 90° cuts. - All-purpose, center-cut jaws for soft, medium, and hard metals. - Forged, alloy tool steel jaws are precision ground for sure, efficient cutting and long life. - Lockplate reinforcement prevents jaw bolts from loosening or turning, keeps jaws in correct alignment. - One adjustment realigns cutting edges. - 3-point toggle joint multiplies 50 lbs. (22.7 kg) of hard pressure on handles to 4,000 pounds at cutting jaws. - Cutting capacities for soft and medium materials is up to Brinell 300, Rockwell C31. - Cutting capacities for hard materials is up to Brinell 400, Rockwell C42.

18'' Steel-Handled Bolt Cutter