MP 01

Cell Phone
Date of appearance: September 2015
Trademark: Punkt
Designer: Jasper Morrison
Manufacturer: Punkt Tronics AG
Introductory price: 329 US Dollars
Dimensions: 53 × 116.5 × 14.5 mm
Weight: 88 g
Materials: BS plastic, ABS plastic, Gorilla Glass
Colors: white
Tags: mobile

The MP 01 has been made using long-lasting materials including a high specification camera paint finish and a screen made from Gorilla Glass, a specialised thin, light and damage-resistant glass. The handset has a soft touch texture and a moulded back plate to make it comfortable to hold and allow it to sit easily on any surface. The MP 01 has been manufactured with specification to create a solid and robust device that is built to last, a considered antidote to throwaway culture. The aim of MP 01 is to deliver an alternative to multifunctional devices. The phone has a monochromatic surface, large round buttons and interface for ease of use, a 2.0” LCD display, high quality audio with noise cancellation and long lasting battery life. Bluetooth connection allows use with car systems and headsets, and contacts can be backed up and synced to a PC or Mac. In addition to calls and SMS messages, the MP 01 has a simple agenda and clock function.

MP 01