HCI device
Date of appearance: October 2016
Trademark: Playtronica
Product leader: Andrey Manirko
Designer: Aglaya Demidenko
Engineer: Nikolay Ershov
Made in: Moscow, Russia
Circulation: 50 pieces
Dimensions: 120 × 60 mm
Weight: g
Materials: PCB board with silk print
Colors: pink
Tags: playtronica, featured

Playtron is an electronic HCI (Human-Computer-Interaction) device that lets you turn any object into a musical instrument developed by Playtronica. Touch anything conductive - water, fruit or human body and control your computer, smartphone or your favorite synthesizer via universal USB MIDI protocol. This version was specifically designed to be reliable and intuitive for workshops with kids. Plug-and-play, no need for drivers or programming.

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