Slavyanov's Welding Set

Welding set
Date of appearance: 1891
Designer: Nikolay Slavyanov
Made in: Perm, Russia
Dimensions: 1000 × 1230 × 360 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Materials: metal
Tags: russiamakes, polytech, рдс, россияделаетсама, политех

Invented by the Russian engineer Nikolay Slavyanov, this welding set is the world's first semi-automatic machine for arc casting and welding. The casting metal is held between two metal electrodes with an electric arc between them. The arc melts the metal and the molten metal fills out the form. Later Slavyanov developed a fully automated mechanism that maintained the length of an electric arc constant to provide a more reliable method of welding.

Slavyanov's Welding Set