Single Action

Date of appearance: 1876 — 1880
Manufacturer: Merwin Hulbert & Co
Weight: g
Barrel: 3 1/4 Inch Round

Manufactured from 1876 to the 1880s, these large frame single action revolvers were also known as the "Army Revolver". This early model features an open top frame, round barrel, scooped cylinder flutes, sliding loading gate and bird's head butt with provisions for a lanyard. The front sight is a blade integral to the barrel and the rear sight is a "V" notch just ahead of the hammer on the frame. The left side of the barrel has the two-line Hopkins & Allen address/patent marking. The frame is marked "CALIBRE/WINCHESTER 1873", the designation for 44-40 caliber, on the left side and "MERWIN HULBERT & CO. N.Y./POCKET ARMY" on the right side. The serial number is marked on butt, and the assembly number "2687" appears on the front strap under the left grip, rear cylinder face, barrel lug and right grip panel.

Single Action