Soho Tropical Reflex

Photo camera
Date of appearance: 1928 — 1930
Manufacturer: Kershaw factory
Made in: Leeds, Great Britain
Dimensions: 280 × 230 × 265 mm
Weight: 7,12 kg
Materials: wood, leather, glass
Tags: russiamakes, polytech, россияделаетсама, политех, рдс

The structure of the cameras is fairly simple. The camera body is a leather-covered, wooden box. A ground-glass focusing screen comprises more or less the entire top of the box. A folding leather focusing hood is normally mounted to shade this screen. The front of the box, with the lens panel, is attached to the body by a leather bellows, and can be racked forward and back by a knob on the left hand side, to focus the image. The lens panel can be slid vertically to offset the lens above its normal position. Inside the box is mounted the mirror, which reflects the image-forming light from the lens up to the focusing screen.

Soho Tropical Reflex
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