Insta Pump Fury

Date of appearance: May 2012
Model: Insta Pump Fury
Trademark: Reebok
Product code: J93698
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JUN WATANABE X REEBOK INSTA PUMP FURY ‘VER.2′ – DETAILED IMAGES Sneaker collaborations are so common these days, many designers are looking for an extra edge to have their products stand out against a market that puts them out ‘x’ the hundreds. Some rely on teasing and limited availability, others resurrect forgotten classics and then you have a visionary like Jun Watanabe who’s pushing the envelope from all corners. Watanabe’s latest Reebok Insta Pump Fury was already audacious in its preview images thanks to a black-on-white dalmatian print accented by pink-to-purple gradients, but applying this motif to Tamiya’s popular Hornet RC car makes for one of the more interesting tie-ins in recent memory. You’ll have your choice of whether or not to buy the Hornet (as well as with or without accessories) which means not every pair is guaranteed a complete package, but it also ensures that fans of Watanabe’s new Insta Pump Fury won’t be priced out by an ‘extra’ that can cost more than the shoe itself. Click through to see the whole range, let us know what you think and stick with Sneaker News for more coverage of Japanese-exclusive sneaker releases. Photos: Eproze

Insta Pump Fury