Film projector
Date of appearance: 1986
Trademark: LOMO
Manufacturer: LOMO PLC
Made in: Saint Petersburg, USSR
Dimensions: 300 × 135 × 200 mm
Weight: 5 kg
Tags: artlebedevstudio, showartlebedevstudio

The cinema projector Rus is an amateur two-format film projector and is intended for demonstration of black-and-white and color films shot on 8-mm film as well as on an 8-mm S-type (Super 8) film, both without audio and with sound accompaniment with a tape recorder and electric synchronizer of SEL type. To synchronize the image and sound, you can use other types of synchronizers, designed to work with the film projector "Rus". Large luminous flux with high uniformity of illumination of the screen, sharpness and stability of the image, convenience and accuracy of image and sound synchronization, the possibility of switching the mechanism to reverse and smooth adjustment of the projection speed, as well as the possibility of projection of the stopped frame, compactness, ease of operation and reliability in operation advantageously distinguish the film projector "Rus" from other devices of this type. Due to these qualities the film projector "Rus" can be used to demonstrate amateur, popular science, educational, sports and chronical films at home, in circles of film-lovers, in educational institutions.

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