Date of appearance: 1890
Manufacturer: The Connecticut Mfg. Company, Hartford, Conn
Designer: John M. Fairfield
Made in: USA
Dimensions: 6 × 9 × 10 in
Weight: g
Tags: typewriter

The Dart is a wondrous machine in its own right but as it types letters consecutively onto a surface, it is very much a typewriter. Here is a fine period account of the Dart. "This is intended for business men, manufacturers and jobbers, wholesalers and retailers, and is referred to as a practical marking machine. The uses to which the machine can be put are enumerated as addressing boxes, parcels, & printing notices, display cards for stores, price tickets, bills of fare, etc. It prints letters 1 inch high, is self inking, moving on wheels over the surface printed on, prints each letter at a single stroke, and spaces accurately between words and letters. ... In using, the operator grabs the knob on top of the machine lightly in the hand and turns the pointer on the dial to the letter or figure to be printed. The knob is then pressed downward with sufficient force to make a good impression, when the vibrating frame is allowed to come back to the place without removing the hand from the knob. ...The statement is made that it can be operated by any man or boy with but a few minutes practice." To read more about the Dart and to see my collection please visit antiquetypewriters.com

Dart typewriter - 1890
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