G11 K2

Date of appearance: 1989
Trademark: Heckler & Koch
Made in: USA
Weight: g

The G11 project was first created by Mauser GmbH in the 1960's. The Mauser G11 fired 4.75mm caliber caseless rounds from an internal 10-round magazine. It was trialed and rejected by NATO, but the project was overtaken by Heckler and Koch shortly afterward. Another entrant made by Industriewerke Karlsruhe (IWK) developed in the early 1970s had 3 vertical staggered barrels. Simplicity of the IWK G11 was ensured by the fact it used interchangeable revolving 51-round drum magazines. Such a system, in addition to ease power supply circuit, high stability and provide ammunition to both mechanical stress and overheating when shooting, in fact the rifle was chambered in so much as there were leftover rounds in the magazine. The price paid for this simplification, is that the weapon has become a big dead weight and the dimensions of the drum magazines, as well as the three barrels and the impossibility of automatic fire found in assault rifles, the IWK G11 rifle shot either single shots or volleys in three instant shots.

G11 K2
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