Jazz 4

Cassette Player
Date of appearance: 1986
Manufacturer: Factory of Precision Mechanics
Made in: Saratov, USSR
Dimensions: 173 × 72 × 260 mm
Weight: 2.1 kg
Colors: red, black
Tags: featured, landing

Toy-tape recorder "Jazz-4" was produced Saratov factory of precision mechanics since 1986. "Jazz" is designed to play phonograms recorded on magnetic tape in cassettes MK-60 for the purpose of organizing children's leisure, developing their musical abilities and developing skills in handling complex household appliances . The model has indicators at the level of third-grade tape recorders. The range of reproduced frequencies on the line output is 100 ... 10000 Hz, at a sound pressure of 150 ... 8000 Hz. The nominal output power is 0.5W. Powered by 6 batteries 343 or from the network via an external power supply. Weight with batteries and cassette 2.1 kg.

Jazz 4
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